Twenty sermons on the following subjects

Publication Date1758
RemainderI. of the wisdom of God in the redemption of mankind. IV. Of the Glory of God. V. Of the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation. VI. The Favour of God the only Happiness of Man. Vii. Of the Happiness of the Just by Faith. Viii. Of God no Respector of Persons. IX. Of the Prosperity of the Wicked. X. Of being renewed in the Spirit of our Mind. XI. Of the Assistance of God's Spirit communicated to all Mankind. XII. Of St Paul's more excellent Way. XIII. Of our imitating the Divine Perfections. XIV. Of our imitating the Mercy of God. XV. Of our imitating the Holiness of God. XVI. Of the Origin and Sinfulness of our Thoughts. XVII. Of our Meditations. XVIII. Of the living Sacrifice of our Bodies. XIX. Of our Love of God. XX. of our love of our neighbour. By Christopher Hussey, D. D. Rector of West-Wickham in Kent; and Chaplain to his Grace the Duke of Dorset
Publisherprinted for J. Ward, at the King's-Arms in Cornhill


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