Physiological researches into the most important parts of the animal ?conomy. Demonstrating, I. That the present Opinion concerning the Use of the Lymphatic System is erroneous, and that it does not terminate in the Thoracic Duct. II. The Discovery of the great Importance and Use of the Lymph, of the Lymphatic Glands, and of the Lymphatic System. III. From the Discovery of the Use of the Lymphatic System it is demonstrated how Poisons, &c. may be either received or prevented from entering into the Circulation by Absorption. IV. The Discovery of the Use of the Brain and its Continuations, its Connection with the Nerves, and with the Lymphatic System. By Benjamin Humpage

Publication Date1794
Publisherprinted for H. Murray, No. 32, Fleet-Street, and G. Mudie, Edinburgh



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