The attorney and agent's new and exact table of costs

Publication Date1786
Remainderin the courts of King's-Bench and Common-Pleas: Containing The Fees and Disbursements on the Part of the Plaintiff and Defendant, in the Prosecution and Defence of Actions, real, personal, and mixed; Indictments, and other Proceedings; as well those which concern private as privileged Persons, both in Town and Country. Including The Charges of Fines and Recoveries-Writs of Scire Facias-Habeas Corpus-Certiorari, and other Special Matters. Together with Bills of Costs for Plaintiff and Defendant, as taxed in the Exchequer of Pleas. Also, The Costs on prosecuting and defending Writs of Error, in the King's-Bench and Exchequer Chamber. To which are added, The Charges of obtaining Patents; the Costs of suing out and prosecuting a Commission of Bankrupt, and of obtaining a Bankrupt's Certificate; together with the Expence of Probates of Wills and Administrations at Doctors Commons. By an attorney and solicitor
Publisherprinted for J. Cotton, and sold by T. Whieldon, Fleet-Street; and W. Hales, stationer, No. 127, Fenchurch-Street


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