Music made easy to every capacity, in a series of dialogues; being practical lessons for the harpsichord, Laid Down in a New Method, So as to render that Instrument so little difficult, that any Person, with common Application, may play well; become a thorough Proficient in the Principles of Harmony; and will compose Music, if they have a Genius for it, in less than a Twelvemonth. Written in French by Monsieur Bemetzrieder, Musick Master to the Queen of France. And published at Paris, (with a Preface) by the Celebrated Monsieur Diderot, The whole translated, and adapted to the Use of the English Student, by Giffard Bernard, M. A. Perused and Approved of by Doctor Boyce and Doctor Howard

Publication Date1778
Publisherprinted by R. Ayre and G. Moore, No. 5, Bridges-Street, Covent-Garden; and sold by W. Randall, Catharine-Street, Strand



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