Great-Britain's true system: wherein is clearly shewn, I. That an increase of the public debts and taxes must, in a few Years, prove the ruin of the monied, the trading, and the landed interests. II. The Necessity of raising the Supplies to carry on War, within the Year. III. That such a Design, however seemingly difficult, is very practicable: With a Sketch of various Schemes for that Purpose. IV. An Expedient which will support the public Credit, in all Times of public Distress and Danger. To which is prefixed, An Introduction, relative to the forming a New Plan of British Politicks, with Respect to our Foreign Affairs, and our Connections on the Continent. Humbly submitted to the Consideration of all the Great Men, In and Out of Power. By Malachy Postlethwayt, Esq

Publication Date1757
Publisherprinted for A. Millar, in the Strand; J. Whiston, and B. White, and W. Sandby, in Fleet-Street


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