Readings on statutes, chiefly those, affecting the administration of public justice, in criminal and civil cases; passed in the reign of His late Majesty, King George the second

Publication Date1775
RemainderContaining the Occasion of the Rise, and the Progress of the Bills, through both Houses of Parliament, to their receiving legislative Sanction; and also the Decisions of Courts of Justice thereon, explaining the most obscure and difficult Points, in the Statute Law. Taken and extracted principally, from Records, Acts of Parliament, Appeals, Debates, Speeches, Arguments, Votes, Protests, Orders, Rules, Trials, Journals, Reports, Histories, and other parliamentary and judicial Treatises, Commentaries, and Proceedings, relative to the Law and Constitution, Mss. as well as printed. The whole chronologically digested, and illustrated with notes , References, and Observations. Likewise, 1. An Address to the honourable Society of the Inner Temple. 2. A prefatory introduction, in Explanation of the Plan, and Execution of the Work. 3. Rules of Law, for the Construction of, and Prosecutions on, Acts of Parliament. 4. Anecdotes of the judicial Characters of the Judges. 5. Precedents, adapted to the several Acts; And, 6. Tables, Explanations, and Indexes. Legum Interpretatio, optima Lex est, nam Lex loquens. By John Rayner, the younger, A Member of the said Society
Publishersold for the author, by J. Browne, in Wardrobe-Court, Doctors Commons; and R. Shaw and J. Whitaker, Mitre-Court, Fleet-Street


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