The family testament and scholar's assistant

Publication Date1794
Remaindercalculated not only to promote the reading of the Holy Scriptures in families and schools, but also to remove that great uneasiness observable in children upon the appearance of hard words in their Lessons; the Whole being arranged in the following Manner, Viz. I. An Introduction to Spelling and Reading in general, containing a plain Account of the Sounds of Letters and Syllables; general Rules of Spelling; the Explanation and Use of Quantity and Accent; with Directions for Reading with Ease, Elegance, and Propriety. II. An Alphabetical Table of the proper Names of Persons and Places mentioned in the New Testament, with the Signification of each in their original Languages. III. Proper Names and other hard Words are properly divided and accented, ranged in Columns at the Head of every Chapter, with Figures, denoting the particular Verse where each word occurs; which Words the Learner should be taught to spell, read and pronounce, prior to entering upon the succeeding Lesson. IV. A Collection of short Explanatory Notes, for the Use of those who have it not in their Power to purchase large Expositions. By the Reverend Joseph Brown
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Publisherprinted for W. Lowndes, No. 76, Fleet-Street; and M. Luckman in Coventry

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