A treatise of the asthma

Publication Date1726
RemainderDivided into four parts. In the first is given a history of the fits, and the Symptoms preceding them. In the Second, The Cacochymia, which disposes to the Fit, and the Rarefaction of the Spirits, which produces it, are described. In the Third, The Accidental Causes of the Fit, and the Symptomatic Asthma's are observed. In the Fourth, The Cure of the Asthma-Fit, and the Method of Preventing it is proposed. To which is annext a Digression about the several Species of Acids distinguish'd by their Tastes. And 'tis observed how far they were thought Convenient or Injurious in general Practice, by the Old Writers; and most particularly, in relation to the Cure of the Asthma. The Third Edition, Corrected
Publisherprinted for R. Wilkin, at the King's Head and W. and J. Innys, at the Prince's Arms, in St. Paul's Church-Yard


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