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Publication Date1758
RemainderWhereas some low and scurrilous Papers have lately been imposed on us, by that respectable Society, who are pleased to term themselves, the Gentlemen Musicians of this City, endeavouring to persuade us, that Mr. Digges, Manager of the Theatre, has, contrary to Justice, refused to pay them their several Salaries, due to them by mutual Agreement. We here give it as our general and candid Opinion, that Mr. Digges's Obligation of paying these Salaries, was certainly forfeited by the remaining Part of the Musicians, who refused to play, unless Marine and Thomson were employed along with them, a Stipulation which these Fiddlers had certainly no Right to insist on. We now sufficiently discover the artful Representation of their Case, and, by the Testimony of all those who are any way employed by Mr. Digges, have detected the Fallacy of their Arguments, and do hereby signify our utmost Contempt of their infamous and groundless Assertions. As for their low Dotractions of Mr. Digges's private Character, Disregard from Him, and hearty Contempt from Us, are their ample Deserts
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