The modern Christian; or, practical sinner: exemplified, in the monstrous villanies of the age, and the great coolness and indifference of mankind towards their Creator, and the vast concern of salvation. The Farce of a Sick-Bed, and the Humours of the last Hours, in most Examples of Life. Punch and Port, the great Reliefs, in troubled Consciences. H-ll thought no hotter than a Town-Bagnio; and the D-l a sine well-bred Gentleman. Fasting, forgot in South Britain and Ireland. Our Roast-Beef, a weightier Incentive than our Religion, for Foreigners to visit us. Hypocrisy, a certain Sign of Insolvency. A Story of a 6 per cent. Lady, who pray'd her Friends and Acquaintances out of 30,000 l. principal Money. Marriage, a Separation for ever: The false Education of young Ladies the Cause of it. Christian Behaviour, much out of fashion: Quadrille and Ombre, obtain'd their Freedom of the City of London. All Men running mad and bewitched, and pursuing their own Destruction

Publication Date1738
Publisherprinted for J. Roberts, near the Oxford Arms in Warwick-Lane; and sold by E. Withers, at the Seven-Stars against the End of Chancery Lane, in Fleet-Street; J. Jolliffe, in St. James's-Street; and the rest of the book-sellers in London, and Westminster

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