An account of the sepulchers of the antients

Publication Date1712
Remainderand a description of their monuments, from the creation of the world, to the building of the pyramids, and from thence to the destruction of Jerusalem; in two parts: The first comprehending those that are in Asia, and the second those in Africa; with a continuation, comprehending some in both these continents, and in Europe: The whole containing several geographical and historical remarks, upon the places and persons in those countries and times, very useful and necessary to be known, and so much the more curious, because not to be found any where else; and being a treatise, that makes the fore-runner of a work, entituled, The Geography and History of Turkey, in Europe, Asia, and Africa, or, A description of what is to be seen, and, An Account of what passes, in Hungary, Greece, Turkey proper, the lesser Asia, Syria, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Arabia, Egypt, &c. to be published afterwards by subscription, provided a sufficient number of subscribers do come in: with a preface, giving an account of the whole design, and proposals for printing the same. By John Mack Gregory, LL.L. Professor of geography and history.
Publisherprinted for the author, and to be sold by J. Barns in Pallmall, W. Taylor in Pater-Noster-Row, E. Curll in Fleetstreet, and G. Strahan in Cornhill


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