An account of the new method of extinguishing fires by explosion and suffocation

Publication Date1724
RemainderIntroduced by Ambrose Godfrey of Covent-Garden, Chymist. Wherein a description is given of the several machines and their uses, together with plain and sufficient directions for the proper application of them. A method easily practicable, certain in its effects, and so universally useful to the publick, that His Majesty has been moved to authorize and incourage this happy discovery, for the general advantage of his subjects, by his most gracious letters patents. To which is added, a short narrative of Mr. Povey's behaviour in relation to this useful invention; by which it will appear, that the said Mr. Povey's pretended watch engine, is at best a precarious, and often dangerous remedy, imperfectly stolen from Ambrose Godfrey's method, published with a design to rob the right owner of the just reward of his close application and considerable expences, by imposing upon the publick in suppressing an invention of real and universal benefit, and substituting an imperfect and dangerous one in its [r]oom. By the introducer


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