The glory of Christ vindicated; in the excellency of his person, righteousness, love, and power: being an explication of the mystery which was kept secret since the world began. Wherein the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity is manifest in the Glory-Man, the Lord Jesus, and that bearing the Filth of Sin, in his Sufferings, was Part of the Atonement he made to God for the Elect. It is likewise demonstrated, That an Interest in Christ is founded alone upon the free, absolute Love of the Father, Son, and Spirity: Proving That their free Grace-Union, according to God's Ancient Settlements of their Supreme Relation to Christ, was never destroyed by their Natural Relation and Fall in Adam. To which is added, The Spiritual Operations of the Holy Ghost, as the immediate Spring, Life, and Source of all Practical Religion. The whole containing, a concise, and comprehensive answer, to a book entitled, The saint's treasury; Or, Christ the most Excellent. Wrote originally by Joseph Hussey, Minister of the Gospel of Christ, at Cambridge, and now faithfully abridged

Publication Date1761
Publisherprinted for J. Fuller, in Newgate-Street, and T. Luckman, in Coventry



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