A solemn form of adoration, humiliation, and prayer, for the general fast, appointed to be observed on Wednesday, the fourth of February, 1740. Being a specimen of a liturgy, shortly to be published for the Use of such Christian Congregations, as approve of pre-composed Forms of Divine Worship, though they cannot join in many of those, which are by Law established and imposed. To which is prefixed, A short View of those National and Personal Sins, which call for Humiliation and Reformation. Amongst which the Author reckons Those Laws which enjoin unnecessary and impracticable Oaths, Particularly in our Custom-Houses, and in our Universities. Which oblige Men to subscribe, and solemnly declare their Assent and Consent, to Articles and Creeds of human Composition, which they do not in their Consciences believe. Which require the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper to be taken as a Qualification for a Civil Employment. And which take away the Lives of Men for Robbery, and make no Distinction in the Punishment between that and Murder. All which, together with our Luxury and Extravagance of all Kinds, and other grievous Immoralities, make up such a Load of National Guilt, as must soon sink us, if not speedily removed

Publication Date1741
Publisherprinted for Richard Hett, at the Bible and Crown, in the Poultry

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