The works of Samuel Johnson

Publication Date1796
RemainderLL.D. A new edition, in twelve volumes. With an essay on his life and genius, by Arthur Murphy, Esq.
Publisherprinted for T. Longman, B. Law, J. Dodsley, H. Baldwin, J. Johnson, C. Dilly, G. G. and J. Robinson, P. Elmsly, J. Nichols, R. Baldwin, H. L. Gardner, F. and C. Rivington, W. Otridge and Son, W. Richardson, B. and J. White, A. Strahan, Leigh and Sotheby, R. Faulder, G. Nicol, T. Payne, W. Lowndes, T. Evans, S. Hayes, G. and T. Wilkie, C. Davis, J. Matthews, T. Egerton, W. Fox, J. Edwards, P. McQueen, Ogilvie and Speare, J. Scatcherd, I. Taylor, Hookham and Co. C. and G. Kearsley, J. Walker, B.C. Collins, E. Newbery, Vernor and Hood, J. Deighton, Darton and Harvey, J. Nunn, Lackington, Allen, and Co. J. Stockdale, J. Cuthell, D. Walker, J. Anderson, Clarke and Son, T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies, J. Barker, W. Millar, and Murray and Highley


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