Queen Mab: containing a select collection of only the best, most instructive, and entertaining tales of the fairies; Viz. 1. Graciosa and Percinet. 2. The Fair One with Golden Locks. 3. The Blue Bird. 4. The Invisible Prince. 5. The Princess Verenata. 6. The Princess Rosetta. 7. The Golden Bough. 8. The Orange-Tree and the Bee. 9. The Little Good Mouse. Written by the Countess D'Aulnoi. Adorned with Curious Cuts. To which are added, A fairy tale, in the ancient English style, by Dr. Parnell: and Queen Mab's song

Publication Date1799
Publisherprinted (by assignment, from the late J. Dodsley) for Vernor and Hood, Poultry; and J. Barker, Great Russell-Street, Covent-Garden

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