The doctrine of permutations and combinations, being an essential and fundamental part of the doctrine of chances; as it is delivered by Mr. James Bernoulli, in his excellent Treatise on the Doctrine of Chances, intitled, Ars Conjectandi, and by the celebrated Dr. John Wallis, of Oxford, in a Tract intitled from the Subject, and published at the end of his Treatise on Algebra: In the former of which Tracts is contained, A Demonstration of Sir Isaac Newton's famous Binomial Theorem, in the Cases of Integral Powers, and of the Reciprocals of Integral Powers. Together with some other useful mathematical tracts. Published by Francis Maseres, Esq. Cursitor Earon of the Court of Exchequer

Publication Date1795
Publishersold by B. and J. White, Fleet-Street

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