An essay on the Lord's Supper

Publication Date1748
Remainderwherein is shewn, the nature and end of that sacrament; The Obligation to frequent it; The Insufficiency of the Excuses usually brought for absenting from it; The proper Dispositions for receiving it; and the Advantages of a worthy Reception; Suited to the meanest Capacity: Together with Notes, explaining the Texts of Scripture, and illustrating several other Particulars, relating to this holy Ordinance. To which are added, prayers, thanksgivings, meditations, and Directions, to assist the devout Christian in the due Discharge of that great Duty. By a gentleman of Clapham, in Surry.
Publisherprinted and sold by M. Mechell, at her Printing-Office, the King's-Arms, in Fleet-Street. Sold also by Messrs. Longman and Shewell, C. Hitch, T. Astley, R. Ware, S. Birt, B. Dod, J. Baker, J. and J. Rivington, J. Brothertox, W. Meadows, J. Davidson, J. Hodges, P. Vaillant, and M. Chastel

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