Truth in opposition to ignorant and malicious falshood

Publication Date1701
Remainderor a discourse written to vindicate the honour, and to assert the right of Dr. Nehemiah Grew, Fellow of the Royal Society, and R. College of Physicians London; with respect to his invention for making the salt of the purging waters , called in his Latin Edition thereof, Sal Catharticum Amarum. And to detect the injuries done to the publick, as well as to Himself, by obstructing the Health, and endangering the Lives of the King's Subjects; as also by lessening the Foreign Trade, and otherwise, with the many counterfeit slats made and sold by Interloping Chymists. Grounded chiefly upon the Testimonies Of many Eminent Members of the Royal Society, and the Royal College of Physicians London, the Royal Colleges of Physicians in Edinburgh and Dublin, the Royal Academy in Paris, and the Imperial Academy in Breslaw, with other Eminent and Learned Persons in England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy, Prussia, Poland, and Germany. Collected and composed Out of Books, Letters, and other Papers. By Josiah Peter gent
Publisherprinted by J.D. for the author



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