Librorum maxium insignium catalogus: being a catalogue of very curious and uncommon books in most languages, relating to the history and antiquities of Great-Britain and Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and most Foreign countries, of sculpture, architecture, medals, husbandry, trade, physick, law civil and canon, fathers, divinity, clatlicks in usum delphini, & cum notis variorum; most of the old chronicles. N.B. There is Dugdale's monasticon in Turkey, 3 vols. with castrations. Which will begin to be sold cheap, the price being mark'd in each book, at Thomas Green's shop, against Rochford's Coffee House, Charing-Cross, on Thursday the 18th of October, 1727, at nine in the morning. Catalogues may be had at Mount's Coffee-House in Grosvenor-Street; Mr. Jackson's, in Pallmall; Mr. Harding's, in St. Martin's Lane; Mr. Stagg's, in Westminster-Hall; Mr. Lewis's, in Covent-Garden; Mr. Lintot's, and Mr. Motte's, in Fleet-Street; Mr. Strahan's, in Cornhill; Mr. Meighan's, and Mr. Osborn's, in Gray's Inn, booksellers; and at the place of sale

Publication Date1727


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