A new present for a servant maid

Publication Date1771
Remaindercontaining rules for her moral conduct both with respect to herself and her superiors: the whole art of cooking, Pickling, Preserving, &c. &c. and every other Direction necessary to be known in order to render her a Complete, Useful, and Valuable Servant. In Ten Books. I. Necessary Cautions and Precepts for gaining Good will and Esteem. II. Directions for Marketing, or the Method of Chusing all Kinds of Butchers Meat, Fish, Fowl, &c. with Instructions for Carving. III. The Whole Art of Cookery fully displayed, both with regard to Dressing plain Victuals, and also that of made Dishes, Soups, Broths, &c. Together with the best Methods of Pickling all Kinds of Fruits, Buds, Flowers, &c. IV. The Art of Preserving the most useful Fruits, &c. V. The Method of Candying the Fruits, &c. generally kept in a Family. VI. The best Methods of Making all Kinds of English Wines, and giving them the true Flavour of those imported from abroad. Vii. The Whole Art of Distillation; with the Methods of making the Cordial and Sweet scented Waters hitherto used in England, and also those imported from other Countries. Viii. Useful Family Receipts. IX. Some general Rules and Directions for Maid-Servants. X. Instructions for Carving according to the Terms of Art. With Marketing Tables, and Tables for Casting-up Expences, &c. The Whole interspersed with a great Number of Original Receipts, never before published. By Mrs. Eliza Haywood
Publisherprinted for G. Pearch, No. 12, Cheapside; and H. Gardner, opposite St. Clement's Church, in the Strand


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