The works of the Reverend Mr. Edm. Hickeringill, late rector of All-Saints, Colchester. In two volumes. Containing 1. The History of the Whigs, their Plots, Principles, and Practices, in two Parts; being the Secret History of the Whigs, from the time of the Civil Wars, &c. 2. The horrid Sin of Man-Catching, or a true Idea and Character of wicked Magistrates, Apparitors, Bumms, and Catchpoles. 3. Curse ye Meroz, a Sermon, containing the Standard of our Obeto Soveraign Power, that Kings can do no Wrong with respect to the Doctrin of Passive Obedience and Non-Resistance. 4. An Apology for Distress'd Innocence, a Sermon, preach'd on the 30th of January, setting forth the restless Spirit of Republican Principles and King-Killing Practices. 5. The Lay-Clergy, or Lay-Elder, a short Essay on the Lawfulness of the Clergy's exercising Temporal Offices. 6. The Trimmer's friendly Debate with the Observator, concerning the Uniformity and Benediction of Charters; and the House of Commons not a House of Courtiers. 1. The Black Non-Conformist. 2. The Postscript to the same, on Excommunication. 3. Some Considerations on the Nature of Marriage, and a Description of Matrimony made by the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost. 4. The Author's Thoughts on Confirmation. 5. An Essay on the Vertue of Sequestration. 6. An Epistle to the Tories. 7. The Mushroom; in Answer to Mr. Drydens Satyr against Sedition. 8. A Postscript to the same. 9. The Ceremony-Monger. 10. The Good-Old-Cause; or, the Divine Captain: containing Arguments to make a Soldier Religious and Brave against the Fears of Death, in the Service of his Country. With several other Tracts. Corrected and revis'd by the author, some time before his death: with an index to the whole

Publication Date1709
Publisherprinted, and are to be sold by B. Bragge, at the Raven in Pater-Noster-Row



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