The ten plagues of England, of worse consequence than those of Egypt, Described Under the following Heads: I. Disregard to our own Productions. II. Luxury and Waste in great Families. III. Effeminacy. IV. Gaming. V. Love of Novelty. VI. Hypocrisy. Vii. Drunkenness. Viii. Avarice and Usury. IX. Pride. and, X. Idleness. The whole intended to shew, That whatever Crimes or Foibles infect the Minds of a People, are far more injurious to a Nation than bodily Plagues. By a well-wisher to Great-Britain

Publication Date1757
Publisherprinted for R. Withy and Co. Book and Print-Sellers, at Hogarth's Head, opposite Salisbury-Court, Fleet-Street

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