The life and uncommon adventures of Capt. Dudley Bradstreet. Being the most genuine and extraordinary, perhaps, ever published. Containing, A full Account of his and others Amours. His being employ'd Insecret Services by the M-Stry of G-t B-n, in the late Rebellion. His M-y's Present to him, receiv'd by the Hands of Mr. S-ne. His Letters to his M-Y, and the Answers received from the K-G. The Reward he got for his Services, occasioning his Scheme of the Bottle Conjurer. His passing as a Magician in Covent-Garden, where many of high Birth and Fortune of both Sexes, and even famed for Wisdom, resorted to him, upon his promising to renew their Age, making them thirty or forty Years younger than they were, informing others when their Husbands or Wives should die. His being made Governor and Judge of the finest Seraglio in England, and his promised Feast to the City of London; Facts well known to all the Courts of Europe. With the lives of Mrs. Winnett, Mrs. Collison, Miss Churchill, &c. &c

Publication Date1755
Publisherprinted and sold by S. Powell in Crane-Lane, for the author



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