The london tradesman

Publication Date1757
RemainderBeing an historical account of all the trades, professions, arts, both Liberal and Mechanic, now practised in the Cities of London and Westminster. Calculated for the Instruction of Youth in their Choice of Business. Containing, I. Advice to Parents, how to study and improve the Natural Genius of their Children, before they bind them Apprentice. II. An Historical Account of all the several Arts and Professions in this great Metropolis. III. The particular Genius and Qualifications necessary to make a Figure in the several Branches, viz. the Degree of Strength and Age, the Measure of Knowledge and Learning necessary to qualify them to enter as an Apprentice, and the Temper and Disposition of Mind that is likely to succeed in each particular Trade. IV. The Wages of a Journeyman, and the Profits of a Master in each Profession. V. The Company and Corporations, and General Laws of the several Societies into which Tradesmen are divided in the City of London. VI. Advice to the young Apprentice how to behave during his Apprenticeship; Rules to be observed in acquiring the perfect Knowledge of his Business, and obtaining and preserving the Good-Will of his Master, and laying the Foundation of a comfortable Settlement when out of his Time. Lastly, Directions how to avoid the many Temptations to which Youth are liable in this great City. The whole Delivered in an Easy, Familiar Style, suitable to the meanest Capacity, and containing Rules worthy the Knowledge and Observation of Persons of all Ranks, who are Entrusted with the Settlement of Youth. To which is added, An Appendix, containing many Useful Particulars relative to the foregoing. The third edition. By R. Campbell, Esq;
Publisherprinted by T. Gardner, opposite St. Clement's Church in the Strand


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