A new catalogue of books, for the year 1787: including the entire libraries of Joshua Steele, Esq. and of the Rev. Edward Aubery, Late of Wadham College, Oxford, and Rector of West-Camel, Somerset, Deceased; And several other valuable Collections lately purchased

Publication Date1787
RemainderMad. Merian's Works, 2 vol. finely coloured. Sepp's Birds and his Insects, finely coloured. J. Miller's Illust. of the Sexual System, col. P. Miller's Plants, 2 vol. orig. ed. col. Mor. Catesby's Carolina, 2 vol. coloured, Russia. Buchoz, Figures, enlum. 9 tom. Morocco. ... Mor. Weinmanni Phytanthoza, 8 vol. fig. depict. Bulliard, Herbier de la France, enlum. Rah Hist. Plantarum. 3 vol. ch. max. cor. Rus. Sebae Thesaurus Historiae Nat. 4 vol. ... Antiquities of Herculaneum, 8 vol. Nureinberg Drawings by Prestel, &c. Callot's Original Works, Morocco. ... Russ. Caesar, S. Clarke, charta max. cor. Russ. Maittaire, Corpus Poet. 2 vol. charta max. Apollonius Rhodius, cd. pr. lit. capital. Saiustio, por el Infante Don Gabriel. The Byzantine Writers, 29 vol. comp. Graevii & Gronovii Corpus Aritiq. 78 vol. ... Crozat, Recueil D'estampes, fine impression. Houbraken & Vertue's Heads, l. p. fine. Museum Florentinum, 10 vol. fine impression. Montfaucon, Antiq. & Supp. 15 tom. first ed. Piranesi's Antiq. of Rome, 4 vol. Theatre D'italie, 4 tom. belles estampes. Vitruvius Britannicus, 5 vol. l. p. Blaeu, Atlas major, 11 vol. very fine. D'anville's Atias, Ancien & Moderne. Dugdale's & Stevens's Monasticon, 3 vol. Dugdale's Warwickshire, 2 vol. Morocco. Sir R. Atkins's Glostershire, first ed. Sir Henry Chauncy's Hertfordshire. Blomesield's Norfolk, 5 vol. Russia. ... Mor. Strawb. Hill. Molini's Ariosto, 4 vol. very fine copy. The sale will begin on Thursday, February 1, 1787. By Benjamin White and Son, Booksellers, at Horace's Head, in Fleet Street, London.

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