The young gardener's best companion, for the thorough practical management of the pleasure ground and flower garden

Publication Date1781
Remaindershrubbery, nursery, tree plantations, and hedges; green-house and hot-house; with the most approved plans for the whole fully described: Also, the Proper Trees, Shrubs, Plants, and Flowers, and Methods of Propagation and Culture. The whole described under the following Divisions: Pleasure Ground, Shrubbery, Flower Garden, and all Ornamental Plantations; Trees, Shrubs, and Herbaceous, Perennial, Biennial, and Annual Flower Plants, Methods of Propagation in the Nursery, Order of final Planting and Culture, together with the thorough Management of the Pleasure Ground. Forest Tree Plantations, proper Trees, Methods of Raising them in the Nursery, Order of Planting, and general Management. Green-House, its requisite Form and Collection of Plants, their Propagation and Method of Culture. Hot-House, or Stove, its great Use in Gardening, Dimensions and Construction, with the Propagation and Culture of its Plants. The whole arranged in botanical Order, with all the modern Improvements, proper Seasons and Methods for performing the Work of each Department all the Year, and copious Directions, according to the most approved Methods now in Practice, necessary to form a Complete Gardener. By Samuel Fullmer, (horse-Ferry-Road, near Chelsea,) and other gardeners.
Publisherprinted for Scatcherd and Whitaker, Ave-Maria-Lane ; J. Barker, Russel-Court, Drury-Lane ; Denis and Son, No. 2, New Bridge-Street ; S. Vandenbergh, No. 32, Piccadilly ; and W. Collins, Exchange-Alley, Cornhill


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