Histories, fables, allegories, and characters, selected from the Spectator and Guardian

Publication Date1765
Remainderpeculiarly adapted to form young minds to a love of virtue, and an Abhorrence of Vice; viz. Inkle and Yarico. Laetitia and Daphne. Socrates and Physiognomist. Eudoxus and Leontine. Constantia and Theodosius. An Atheistical Author sick. Herod and Mariamne. Eginhart and Imma. Renegado and Castilian. Dervise and K. of Tartary. The Drop of Water, a Fable. Two Westminster Scholars. The reduced Citizen. Madam de Villacerfe. Basilius and Alexandrinus. Amazon Commonwealth. Gypsy an Ambassador. Chremylus and Plutus. Biton and Clitobus. Rhynsault's just Punishment. Sultan Mahmoud and Visier. Amb. of Bantam's Letter. Persian Glass-Man, a Fable. Fadlallah and Zemroude. Infidel Sultan and Doctor. On Providence, a Tradition. Pleasure and Pain, a Fable. Menippus and Jupiter. Persian Sultan's Justice. Timoleon and Providence. Androcles & Numidian Lion. Fr. Nobleman and Children. Santon Barsissa and Devil. R. T.'s Angel and her Maid. Helim the great Physician. The Knight made virtuous. Eugenius, or the charitable Man. Lycurgus, or the Father of his Family. Timogenes, or false Honour. Syncopius, the passionate, To which are added Remarks upon each Story, &c. by Way of Application, and a Dedication to Parents, &c. on the Importance of an early, virtuous Education
Publisherprinted for J. Warcus, the Corner of Raquet Court, Fleet-Street

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