The covenant in the cherubim

Publication Date1749
Remainderso the Hebrew writings perfect. Alterations by Rabbies forged. Shewing The Evidence for the Scriptures; That Christianity was exhibited to Adam; Invisibles by Visibles, past and to come by Types; By Cherubim, Urim, Tumim, Sacrifice, Cloud, &c. That Jews and Gentiles understood them; That Tradition was of the Things typified. That though they understood the Tradition, Even of the Covenant before the World, They had perverted the Intent of it. That the Alterations and Stories of the Jews, After they had lost their Types and Hebrew; Are not Traditions, but studied Evasions. To Expositions of inspired Christians, &c. And to support their Apostacy. That the Grammatical Formation of the Hebrew, Which is descriptive, so gives proper Names, Cannot admit Vowel Pointing; Nor Mr. Masclef's Method. By J.H. Vol.VI
Publisherprinted for J. Hodges, at the Looking-Glass over against St. Magnus's Church, London Bridge


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