The story of the ordination of our first bishops in Queen Elizabeth's reign at the Nag's-Head Tavern in Cheapside, thoroughly examined

Publication Date1731
Remainderand proved to be a late-invented, inconsistent, self-contradicting, and absurd fable. With A View of the Case between Horne and Bonner, and of the Writings of Stapleton, Harding, and Sanders. Whereby it is proved, That neither Bonner nor those Writers ever heard of the Tavern-Ordination, or called in question the Consecration of Parker, Jewell, Horne, &c. at the Arch-Bishop's Chapel at Lambeth. In Answer to what is pretended to the contrary, by F. Le Quien, in his Two Treatises, Ann. 1725, and 1730, Of the Nullity of the English Ordinations; and by an English anonymous Writer of Remarks, on F. Le Courayer's Dissertation in Defense of their Validity. With Occasional Reflections on the Author of, The Nullity of the Prelatick Clergy and Church of England. By Thomas Browne, B. D. Formerly Fellow of St. John's Coll. Cambridge
Publisherprinted for William Innys at the West End of St. Paul's



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