Modern history

Publication Date1736
Remainderor, the present state of all nations. Describing their respective situations, persons, habits, Buildings, Manners, Laws and Customs, Religion and Policy, Arts and Sciences, Trades, Manufactures and Husbandry, Plants, animals and minerals. By Mr. Salmon. Vol.XXVIII. Being the First Volume of America, contains, I. A Dissertation on the first peopling of America. II. The Discovery of America by Columbus. III. The Present State of Mexico, or New Spain. IV. The History of the Conquest of Mexico by Cortez. V. The ancient History of Mexico. VI. An Account of the late Usurpations and Encroachments of the French in Florida, shewing the Necessity of an Alliance between Great Britain and Spain, to expel the French from Florida. The whole illustrated with maps
Publisherprinted for the author: and sold by J. Roberts, in Warwick-Lane ; and the booksellers in town and country


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