A new geographical and historical grammar

Publication Date1772
Remaindercontaining the true astronomical and geographical knowledge of the terraqueous globe: and also the modern state of the several kingdoms of the world; under these four heads: I. The Astronomy of the Solar System, and particularly of the Earth. I. [sic] Universal geography, shewing the divers circumstances relating to the earth, water, and atmosphere. III. Geographical elements, exemplified in definitions, problems, theorems, and paradoxes. IV. Particular geography, concerning the natural and political parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America; wherein the climate, productions, and people; the customs, policy, manufactures, and traffic; the religion, strength, history, and other particulars, of all nations, are treated of, in a manner tending to render the study of geography entertaining and instructive. Illustrated with twenty-five maps and plates elegantly executed. By Mr. Salmon. The twelfth edition, with great amendments and improvements by Mr. Robertson.
Publisherprinted for C. Bathurst; W. Strahan; J. and F. Rivington; W. Johnston; J. Hinton; L. Hawes, W. Clarke, and R. Collins; T. Davies; S. Crowder; T. Longman; T. Caslon; B. Law; T. Lowndes; J. and T. Pote; L. Stuart; W. Nicoll; G. Robinson; T. Cadell; and R. Baldwin


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