The theatre of love. A collection of novels, (none of which were ever printed before) containing, I. Frederick and Harriet: Or, The Discreet Parent. II. Miranda: Or, The Favourite Daughter. III Horatio: Or, The Sincere Friend. IV. Cordelia: Or, The Tender Mother. V. The Cruel Father. VI. Clerimont: Or, The Generous Lover. Vii. The Lovers Quarrel: Or, The Fatal Resolution. Viii. John and Joan: Or, The Mannerly Couple. IX. Celia: Or, The Generous Maid. X. Innocence in Distress: Or, Virtue Triumphant. XI. The Rival Sisters. XII. Hillario and Leonora: Or, The Unfortunate Lovers. XIII. Jenny: Or, The Female Fortune-Hunter

Publication Date1759
Publisherprinted and sold by W. Reeve, at Shakespear's-Head, opposite Crane-Court, Fleet-Street


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