A journey from London to Scarborough, in several letters from a gentleman there, to his friend in London

Publication Date1734
RemainderLetter I. The Passage to Scarborough by Sea. An Account of what is most remarkable in the Way thither by Land, and a Description of the several Towns, Villages, Gentlemen's Seats, &c. on the Road, particularly Edmonton, Cheshunt, Ware, the New-River Head, Puckeridge, Gogmagog-Hills and Cambridge. Letter II. St. Ives, Godmanchester, Huntingdon, Stilton, Burleigh-House and Park, Stamford, Lord Gainsborough's Seat, the Roman Fosseway, Grantham, Lord Tyrconnel's Seat and Park, Ancaster, Lincoln, the Cathedral and Castle. Letter III. Lincoln-Heath, Spittle, the Wolds of Lincolnshire, Redbourn, Hibberstow, Barton on the Humber, Hull, the Garrison, &c. Letter IV. Beverley, the Minster; Driffield, Foxhole and Seymore; thence to Scarborough. Letter V. Scarborough, the Description of it towards the Sea, and its lofty Situation; the Harbour and Piers; the Shipping; great Plenty and Variety of Fish; the beautiful Parterre on the Sands; Sports and Exercises there; of the Spaw, the Resort thither of late Years; a humorous Description and Character of Dicky Dickinson, Keeper of the Wells; the manner of Gentlemen and Ladies bathing in the Sea, Verses on a Lady bathing in the Sea. The Town and Buildings described, Ledgings, and Provisions, number of Inhabitants, Hackney-Chairs. Long-Room, its pleasant and lofty Situation, Balls and Assemblies, the Phar? Bank, Billiard-Tables, &c. The Ordinaries, and the Custom of them; the Play-House, Booksellers Shop, the Coffee-House; with an Account of the various Diversions and agreeable Amusements of the Place. With a list of the nobility, quality, and gentry at Scarborough, during the spaw season, in the year 1733 . Taken from the Subscription-Books at The Spaw, and The Long-Room, The Booksellers Shop, and The Coffee-House. To which is annex'd an account of the nature and us of the Scarborough spaw-water, interspers'd with some Observations and Remarks
Publisherprinted for C?sar Ward and Richard Chandler, at the Ship between the Temple-Gates in Fleet-Street: and sold at their shop in Scarborough


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