A genuine narrative of the life and suprising robberies and adventures of William Page

Publication Date1758
RemainderWho was executed on Pennenden-Heath, near Maidstone in Kent, on Thursday the 6th of April, 1758. For robbing Capt. Farrington, near Black Heath, with an Account of his several Robberies by his Accomplice, viz. Of his desperate Engagement with Capt. Jasper, whom he robb'd on Hounslow-Heath. Of his robbing the Hon. Taylor White, a Welch Judge, on the Circuit. His unsuccessful Attempt on Lord Downe, in which he was dangerously wounded. His famous Robbery of the East-India Company's Supercargo, on Shooter's-Hill, with many other Robberies he committed on the High-Way, during the Course of twelve Years. Together, With his several Trials at the Old Bailey, Hertford, and Rochester. With a Consolatory Letter to his Wife, sent the Morning of his Execution, and another to his Mother at Hampton. Also, a short account of John Birt the soldier, who was executed with Page for breaking into the Dwelling-House of Mr. Bacon in Rochester. With two copper plates
Publisherprinted for M. Cooper, at the Globe in Pater-Noster-Row; and H. Owen, at the Britannia Printing Office, White-Friers, Fleet-Street



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