A description of Bath

Publication Date1765
Remainderwherein the antiquity of the city, as well as the eminence of its founder; its Magnitude, Situation, Soil, Mineral Waters, and Physical Plants; its British Works, and the Grecian Ornaments with which they were adorned; its Devastations and Restorations in the Days of the Britons, Romans, Saxons, Danes, and Normans; with its New Buildings, Baths, Conduits, Hospitals, Places of Worship, and other Public Edifices; its Gates, Bridges, Walks, and Streets, &c. are respectively treated of: The Gods, Places of Worship, Religion, and Learning of the Ancient Britons Occasionally considered: And the Limits of the City in its present State; its Government, Trade, and Amusements Severally pointed out. Illustrated with the figure of King Bladud, the First Founder of the City; Together with proper plans and elevations from twenty-two copper plates. By John Wood, Esq; In two volumes
Publisherprinted for W. Bathoe, in the Strand; and T. Lownds, in Fleet Street


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