A catalogue of the library of the late eminent and learned John Coleman Esq; Deceased

Publication Date1730
RemainderTo which is added, An Appendix of books collected since from the several Auctions this Winter. The Whole is an Excellent Collection, and in fine Condition, being handsomely bound, gilt, or letter'd, in almost all Parts of Polite Literature; viz. The History, Antiquity, and Constitution of Great Britain and Ireland; France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Muscovy, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, &c. but more particularly what relates to Great Britain and Ireland. Likewise History, Divinity, Mathematicks, Philosophy, Physick, Surgery, &c. A good Collection of the Greek and Latin Historians, chiefly of the best Editions, Classicks in Usum Sereniss. Delphini Par. Edit. & cum Notis varior. and those by the several famous Printers, viz. Juntae, Aldus, Stephens's, Colinaeus, Vascosan, &c. Books of Antiquity, Medals, Architecture, and Sculpture; likewise Law Civil, Common, and Canon; as also a good Collection of Lexicographers. Which will be Sold very Cheap (the Price being fixed on the first Leaf of each Book) on Tuesday the 21st of this instant April, 1730. By Harmen Noorthouck, In the Great Piazza Covent-Garden. N.B The books may be viewed three Days before the Sale begins, which will be at Nine a-Clock in the Morning. Catalogues to be had gratis at the Place of Sale


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