The world unmask'd

Publication Date1736
Remainderor, the Philosopher the greatest Cheat; in twenty-four dialogues Between Crito a Philosopher, Philo a Lawyer, and Erastus a Merchant. In which True Virtue is distinguished from what usually bears the Name or Resemblance of it: The many Prejudices and Mistakes in Judgment and Practice, in regard to conscience and religion, are examined and rectified: And the Value of truth is shewn; with the Reasons why it is not more generally known. To which is added, The state of Souls separated from their Bodies: Being an Epistolary Treatise, wherein is proved, by a Variety of Arguments, deduced from Holy Scripture, that the Punishments of the Wicked will not be Eternal; and all Objections against it solved. In Answer to a Treatise, entitled, An Enquiry into Origenism. Together with A Large Introduction, evincing the same Truth from the Principles of Natural Religion. Translated from the French
Publisherprinted for A. Millar, over-against St. Clement's Church in the Strand


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