The coelestial diary: or, An [e]phemeris for the year of Our Blessed Saviour's incarnation, 1753

Publication Date1753
Remainder[bein]g the first after bissextile, or leap-year, and from the [c]reation of the world, according to the best of history ... years. [Whe]rein is contained the motions, aspects, and operations of the planets; with observations on the eclipses and ... ingresses; with other remarkable passages, as the [mo]on's southing, sun and moon's rising and setting, ... monthly observations, in a poetical manner, the ... not extant, &c. ... according to art, and referred to the meridian the middle of Great Britain, fitting the [n]oble monarchy without sensible error. The thirty fifth impression. By Salem Pearse, [stud]ent in physick and the c?lestial sciences
PublisherPrinted by J. Bettenham, for the Company of Stationers



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