The British telescope

Publication Date1749
Remainderbeing an ephemeris of the c?lestial motions. With an almanack for the year of our Lord 1749. Of the Julian Period 6462. And the first after Bissextile or Leap-Year. Containing both the Heliocentric and Geocentric Motions of the Planets, together with their Latitudes and Aspects, both Mutual and Lunar. Amplify'd with Astrological Observations. Upon the four Quarters of the Year, the Eclipses, and other material Configurations of the Planets; being furnished with divers useful Tables, too numerous to be here specified, and all other Necessaries fit and commodious for such a Work. Calculated according to Art, and referred to the Meridian of London, Metropolis of Great-Britain, but to the Latitude of 53 Degrees North, from New Tables never yet published; which are so correct and fit for Navigation, that the Longitude by Help thereof may be discovered to one Degree. The twenty-seventh impression. By Edmund Weaver, Licensed Physician, and Student in the Coelestial Science
Publisherprinted by T. Parker, for the Company of Stationers



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