Bibliotheca curiosa

Publication Date1732
Remainderor, a catalogue of very curious, scarce, and uncommon books and tracts, relating to the history and antiquities of Great-Britain and Ireland, and divers other Nations. With a large Collection of, Parliamentary Affairs, Travels, Uoyages, Trade, Coin, Husbandry, Heraldry, Battles, Sieges, Physick, Alchemy, Mathematicks, Mines, Minerals, Lives, &c. With a Collection of Manuscripts, of History, Heraldry, and Parliamentary Affairs, and a great Number of Trials, Speeches, Proclamations, and Declarations, &c. Which will be sold very Cheap, (the Lowest Price fixed in each Book) on Thursday the 30th of this instant March 1732, by L. Lawlor, Bookseller, In St. Martin's Church-Yard, near the Strand, Beginning at Eight in the Morning. Catalogues may be had at Mr. Strahan's in Cornhill; Mr. Wotton's over-against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street; Mr. Brindley's in New-Bond-Street; Mr. Jackson's, Pall-Mall, Booksellers; at Forest's Coffee-House against the Mews-Gate, Charing-Cross; the British Coffee-House in the Court of Requests; and at the Place of Sale


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