Kearsly's gentleman and tradesman's pocket ledger

Publication Date1781
Remainderfor the year 1781: Containing A much greater number of useful articles than any other annual publication; particularly, Fifty-Two ruled pages for Accounts. A Term Table, with the Returns. A table of wages and expences by the day, week, month, and year. A table for computing daily expences, servants wages, rent, annuities, &c. for any time. Tables for buying and selling by weight. Tables of Interest. Bankers in London. Various useful tables of weights, measures, time, &c. &c. An exact account of the days and hours for buying and accepting or selling and transferring the several stocks, or government securities, and receiving the interest or dividends due thereon, at the Bank, India-House, and South-Sea-House. List of public offices, with their hours of doing business A plain and easy method of measuring any piece of timber, or brick-work; also how to guage any cask, or measure a piece of ground. The distances from the various ports both on the English and French coasts, drawn out in leagues as near as can be ascertained Military instructions, highly interesting at this juncture, when the whole kingdom seems changing its civil into a martial appearance. A succinct account of the heathen gods and goddesses, heroes, heroines, &c. forming a complete pocket Pantheon. The house of Peers in alphabetical order. Sixteen Peers of Scotland. Clerks and officers of both houses of Parliament. A complete list of Members returned for the new Parliament. List of Members of the last Parliament who are not in the present. List of the new Peers created last summer, &c. &c. For the whole Contents, see the two next pages
Publisherprinted for G. Kearsly, at No. 46, in Fleet-Street, and sold by all the booksellers in town and country. To be continued Annually


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