Modern history: or, The persent state of all nations

Publication Date1731
RemainderDescribing their respective situations, persons, habits, buildings, manners, laws and customs, religion and policy, arts and sciences, trades, manufactures and husbandry, plants, animals and minerals. Vol. III. The second part of the present state of Europe. Containing, the present of the seven united provinces, their antient history, great towns, provinces, government, manners, fisheries and revenues: of the Austrian and French Netherlands, and Switzerland. As also the present state of Italy, particularly the Great Dukedom of Tuscany; the republick, territories and politicks of Venice; the dominions of the pope; all the antient and modern curiosities of which they obtain'd the dominion over the churches of Christendom: an account of Naples, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica and Malta. A complete description of all the provinces and great cities of France, particularly Paris, Versailles, &c. with all their churches, hospitals, palaces, and curuisitites; with a clear and exact, tho' compendious history of all the great events, and memorable revolutions of France, from its original, down to the year 1730. Illustrated with several curious copper-plates of the most remarkable buildings and habits; with maps of the several countries described in this volume, accurately drawn, according to the geographical part of this work: by Herman Moll
PublisherPrinted by and for Geo. Grierson, at the Two Bibles in Essex-Street




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