The art of painting in miniature

Publication Date1739
RemainderTeaching the speedy and perfect acquisition of that art without a master. By rules so easy, and in a method so natural, as to render this charming accomplishment universally attainable. Containing, I. The difference between painting in miniature, and other kinds of painting. II. The management of colours in draperies, linnen lace, furrs, &c. III. The method of mixing colours for carnations in painting of men, women, or children. IV. The proper colours for painting of architecture, or any building of stone or wood, for landskips, terrasses, water, ruins, rocks, &c. V. The art of painting all sort of flowers, with the proper colours required to represent nature to the highest perfection. VI. The various methods of painting in miniature. The third edition. To which are now added, choice secrets of one of the greatest Italian Painters, for making the finest colours, burnish'd gold, shell-gold, &c. Done from the original French
PublisherPrinted for James Hodges, at the Looking-Glass on London Bridge; and John James, at Horace's Head, under the Royal Exchange




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