Under this stone are deposited the remains of Peter Pindar

Publication Date1789
Remaindera man of unbounded wit, but of that species which must ever shock all those who have any pretentions to religion, loyalty or good-manners. About the year 1776. He was elected the Champion of Vice, by that grand Triumvirate, Blasphemy, Treason and Obscenity, In which station he was Eminently profane and conspicuously prostigate. After living thirty years in open hostility with the world, he died suddenly in the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden, the 18th of November, 1789, being the first time of His Majesty's appearance at that Theatre after an excursion into the West of England, which he had taken for the recovery of his health. The repeated acclamations of the audience on seeing their beloved sovereign restored to health and happiness, so agitated his whole frame, that a considerable quantity of bile, which had been secreted for some time in the Gall Bladder, rushing through the duct too copiously, instantly choked him. The heterogeneous abilities of this celebrated Buffoon were, through the whole of his mortal life, almost constantly employed in qualifying him for that exalted station of- Merry-Andrew to the Devil. Doubtless! He has his Reward.
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