The new London letter writer

Publication Date1790
RemainderContaining the compleat art of corresponding with ease, elegance, and perspicuity, on the following subjects, viz. Trade, affection, love, courtship, marriage, friendship, gratitude, history, commerce, industry, prosperity, prudence, instruction, generosity, misfortunes, consolation, prodigality, virtue, vice, piety, with, mirth, folly, pleasure, humanity, morality, education, happiness, business, sickness, death, integrity, ?conomy, affluence, politeness, fidelity, riches, duty and concerns of parents, children, and other relations, masters, mistresses, officers, soldiers, seamen, &c. To which are added models for cards, or notes of compliments, also, a collection of petitions, adapted to every situation, likewise necessary rules for addressing persons of all stations, and precedents of bonds, letters of attorney, wills, &c. &c. By Samuel Johnson, M.A
PublisherPrinted by T. Sabine, No. 81, Shoe Lane, Fleet Street


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