A catalogue of a capital collection of above thirty thousand volumes of the most rare and valuable books

Publication Date1780
Remainderin all languages, and in every branch of useful and ornamental Literature; Consisting of The Libraries of several Gentlemen lately deceased; To which are added all the best modern publications. The whole in fine Condition, and many in elegant Bindings. They will begin to be sold very cheap, for Ready Money only, the lowest Price of each Article marked in the Catalogue, on Monday, April 24, 1780, And continue on Sale every Day, By Thomas Evans, Bookseller, At No. 50, near York-Buildings, Strand. Catalogues may be had, Price Six-Pence to be allowed to Purchasers, of Mr. Robson, New Bond-Street; Mr. Flexney, Holborn; Mr. Owen, Fleet-Street, and at the Place of Sale


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