A catalogue of the libraries of the Right Hon. Lord Teynham

Publication Date1780
Remainder(gone Abroad) The Revd. Mr. Smith, late of Hythe, Mr. Alderman Creed, late of Canterbury, And many other collections, lately purchased. Containing Above thirty thousand Volumes, In most languages, and in every Branch of Literature: Among which are the following: Folio. Religious Ceremonies, L. P. 6 vol. Banyer's Ovid Metam. L. P. 2 vol. Guillim's Heraldry, best Edit. Du Halde's Hist. of China, 2 vol. Maitland's Hist. of London, 2 vol. Camden's Britannia, 2 vol. Campbell's Vitruvius Britannicus, 3 vol. Caesar's Commentaries, by Duncan Gentleman's Recreation, best Edit. Pococke's Travels, 3 vol. Universal History, 8 vol. Churchill's Voyages, 8 vol. Rapin and Tindal's History of England, 5 vol. Jacob's Pecrage, 2 vol. Philipot's Villare Cantianum Somner and Dart's Canterbury Bayle's Dictionary, 5 vol. Montfaucon's Antiquities, 7 vol. Travels, by Mortraye, Le Brun, Shaw, Wheeler, &c. Dugdale's History of St. Paul's. History of England, by Rapin, Tindal, Guthrie, Echard, Kennet, Lediard, &c. Patrick, Lowth, and Whitby, 6 vol. Calmet's Dictionary, 3 vol. Johnson's Dictionary, 2 vol. Chambers and Scot's Diction. 4 vol. Miller's Dictionary Miller's Figures of Plants, coloured, 2 vol. Reports, by Bulstrode, Dyer, Hardres, Lutwytche, Pollexfen, Vernon, &c. Aristophanis Comoediae ap. Aldus Xenophontis Opera, edit. opt. Wilkins's Concilia, 4 vol. Marmora Oxoniensia Mattaire Diodori Seculi Wesselingio, 2 vol. Suidae Lexicon Kusteri, 3 vol. Hoffmanni Opera, 4 vol. Critica Sacra, edit. opt. 9 vol. Demosthenis, Gr. Platonis Opera omnia, Gr. Eusebius, Socratis, &c. Not. Reading, 3 vol. St. Chrysostomi Opera, 11 vol. Oeuvres de Bayle, 4 tom. Du Halde Descrip. de la Chine, 4 tom. Dictionnaire de Trevoux, 5 tom. With many Others equally good. Which will be Sold very Cheap, (the Price printed in the Catalogue) on the [blank] Day of this Instant, and continue on Sale every Day, By T. Smith and Son, Booksellers, in Canterbury. Catalogues may be had Gratis of Mr. Law, in Ave-Mary Lane; Mr. Wilkie, in St. Paul's Church-Yard; Mr. White, Fleet-Street; Mr. Owen, Temple Bar; Mr. Dodsley, Pall-Mall; Mr. Robson, New Bond Street; Mr. Payne, at the Mews Gate; Messrs. Richardson and Urquhart, at the Royal Exchange, London; Mr. Fletcher, Mr. Prince, and Mr. Parker, Oxford; Messrs. Fletcher and Hodson, Mr. Woodyer, Mr. Merril, and Mr. Matthews, Cambridge; and at the Place of Sale. Where may be had the Full Value for any Library or Parcel of Books. - Catalogues may be also had of the Men who deliver the Canterbury Journal

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