A catalogue of the libraries of J. Brown

Publication Date1742
Remainderlate of Lincolns-Inn Esq; and of a Reverend Divine, lately Deceas'd. Consisting of a great Variety of curious Useful and Entertaining Books, in most Parts of polite Literature, as Divinity, Law, Physick, Surgery, Alchimy, Philosophy, Antiquities, Mathematicks, Husbandry, Nat. History, Dictionaries, Classics, History, Voyages, Travels, Poems, Plays, and Miscellanies, &c. Which will be Sold very Cheap (the Prices being printed in the Catalogue) at J. Torbuck's Shop, in Clare-Court, near Drury-Lane, on Monday the 1st of March at Nine in the Morning, and to continue till all are Sold. N. B. The Books are in excellent Condition, generally Gilt or Letter'd; and Gentlemen may depend they are mark'd 5 s. in the Pound cheaper than usually Sold. Gentlemen are desir'd to be Expeditious in sending their Commissions, the first taking Place. Catalogues to be had Gratis, at Mr. Osborn's in Pater-Noster-Row; Mr. Corbet's against St. Dunstan's-Church. Fleet-Street; Mr. Jolliffe's in St. James's-Street; at Alice's Coffee-House in Old Palace-Yard; and at the Place of Sale. Where may be had Ready Money for any Library or Parcel of Books, in any Language. Also Books appraised, or sold by Auction for the Use of the Proprietors, at Reasonable Rates


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