An authentic account of forgeries and frauds of various kinds committed by that most consummate adept in deception, Charles Price. Otherwise Patch, many years a Lottery office keeper, in London and Westminster

Publication Date1786
RemainderWho, to avoid an ignominious death, destroyed himself in Tothill-Fields Bridewell, on the 24th of January, 1786. Published principally to gratify the curiosity of the people, concerning a man who had baffled every mode of detection, set on foot by the directors of the Bank of England, and the Magistrates of Bow-Street, for upwards of five years. With which is given as a frontispiece, an exact representation of his person, in the disguise which he wore when he negotiated his first parcel of counterfeit bank notes, in the year 1780, and likewise his portrait in his usual dress
Extentviii, 96 p., [1] folded leaf of plates
Publisherprinted for the editor, (by whose permission, these memoirs first appeared in the English Chronicle.) And sold by G. Kearsley, at No. 46, in Fleet-Street

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